Comedy · Crime · Drama · Thriller · 
87 mins
English, Spanish

Criminal (2004)

In Los Angeles, Richard Gaddis and a Mexican immigrant named Rodrigo, both small time con men, meet in the progress of one of their cons gone wrong, the other who proves to be the savior in the situation. Richard is looking for someone to replace his old partner, “the Jew”, so that he can move onto bigger cons, while Rodrigo is trying to obtain money to help his ill father pay off some major debts. Despite their differences in operation – Richard whose cons are more in your face and he working on the premise that one needs to look rich to get rich, while Rodrigo doesn’t like to bring attention to himself and thus his grifting ways – they decide to join forces. Although neither fully trusts the other, their partnership is forged on what the other can do for him: Richard figures that Rodrigo’s innocent look can play to their advantage, while Rodrigo – who Richard renames “Brian” to make him seem more Caucasian and thus trustworthy – sees working with Richard as a means to get to his …

24 Sep 2004 Comedy /
Crime /
Drama /
Thriller /

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[ 24 Sep 2004 ]
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Director :
Gregory Jacobs

Writer :

Fabián Bielinsky (film Nueve reinas), Gregory Jacobs (screenplay), Steven Soderbergh (screenplay)

Actors :
John C. Reilly| Diego Luna| Maggie Gyllenhaal| Peter Mullan|

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