Action · Adventure · Comedy · 
115 mins

Free Guy (2021)

A bank teller discovers that he’s actually an NPC inside a brutal, open world video game.

United States, Canada
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Director :
Shawn Levy

Writer :

Matt Lieberman, Zak Penn

Actors :
Ryan Reynolds| Jodie Comer| Taika Waititi| Joe Keery

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Best Review (possible spoilers):

Even our ancestors knew how to spot a real soccer player. It was enough to throw him a head of cabbage, and he would certainly kick it as hard as he could. And in order, for example, to understand that you are faced with a hacker, it has been known since ancient times, you have to give him a keyboard. He will immediately start furiously banging on the keys, cracking any security and doing tricks which would take an average programmer a week to do.


You don’t have to go far to find examples. Just look at the recent sci-fi movie “Main Character” starring Ryan Reynolds. I am sure that for those for whom gamemode is not an empty combination of letters, this picture has repeatedly made you swallow your coffee. But we’re not them. We’re just unsophisticated viewers. Who might have been deterred from seeing the movie (but not exactly) by a poster clearly hinting at another superhero flick. And while the superhero stuff is present, the movie is a little off.


A simple guy named Guy lives a life that is familiar to many of us. Every day is just like the day before. Breakfast in front of the TV, fish in the aquarium, fresh coffee, work, sleep. The bank where he works is regularly robbed. Shootouts, fights, and chases on the city streets are commonplace. Really, it’s as if the guy doesn’t notice any of this. And no wonder. Because he’s just… an NPC in a computer game, and all he cares about is… Nothing he cares about. Or rather, he didn’t care. Until She came along…


Perhaps it is the beginning and another fifteen or twenty minutes that are the most interesting parts of the movie. It’s fun to get to know the world of Free City Computer City. Especially for those who have played GTA, SimCity, Fortnite and a number of other games. From the constant showdown with very strange NPC behavior to getting stuck in textures. The computer world that came to life is both ridiculous and beautiful.


Ryan Reynolds looks very organic in his role as the clerk-slacker. His goofy smile and naive look are charming.


Well, in the second half of the movie, everything slips into a familiar rut. Love, betrayal, motivational-revolutionary speeches, saving the world and (no way!) turning the underdog into a superhero.


That being said, you can’t say that the movie gets boring towards the end. Not at all. Interest manages to maintain through the clues, numerous references and, of course, cameos. For example, Channing Tatum in the unusual role of a teenage player avatar, in my opinion, very well done. As, indeed, did Captain America as, of course, Captain America.


We should separately mention Taika Waititi, who played Antoine, the movie’s main antagonist. As usual, evil has its own charm.

In general, the movie turned out to be a good and easy one. You watch it in one breath. Reminds me of “First Man Standby”. Only the action takes place not in a serious way, but in a naive, even a bit childish manner. And that is why a specific understanding of the IT world by the authors is excusable.

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