Drama · Romance · Thriller · 
112 mins

Hamlet (2000)

New York, 2000. A specter in the guise of the newly-dead CEO of Denmark Corporation appears to Hamlet, tells of murder most foul, demands revenge, and identifies the killer as Claudius, the new head of Denmark, Hamlet’s uncle and now step-father. Hamlet must determine if the ghost is truly his father, and if Claudius did the deed. To buy time, Hamlet feigns madness; to catch his uncle’s conscience, he invites him to watch a film he’s made that shows a tale of murder. Finally convinced of Claudius’s guilt, Hamlet must avenge his father. Claudius now knows Hamlet is a threat and even uses Ophelia, Hamlet’s love, in his own plots against the young man. Murder will out?

23 Jun 2000 Drama /
Romance /
Thriller /

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[ 23 Jun 2000 ]
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Director :
Michael Almereyda

Writer :

William Shakespeare (play), Michael Almereyda (screen adaptation)

Actors :
Ethan Hawke| Kyle MacLachlan| Diane Venora| Sam Shepard|

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